Why Your Teen Should Do CrossFit

CrossFit can provide every single participant with a host of life lessons, especially your Teen. Through CrossFit, they will learn that hard work breeds success and that sometimes the journey is greater than the actual reward. They will learn to be humble but strong. They will learn that just like WODs, sometimes life gets tough and you just have to tough it out.

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How To Do a Barbell Row

The barbell row targets your upper back muscles—your middle and lower traps, your rhomboids, and the stabilizer muscles in the back of your shoulders—helping to pull your shoulders back. When there is a strength imbalance between your chest and your back, your shoulders will hunch forward.

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Fitness should be fun!

You already know that staying fit is good for you. Exercise lowers the risk of heart disease, may help prevent certain types of cancer, lowers your risk of osteoporosis, prevents weight-gain and type 2 diabetes, helps you sleep better, and improves muscle and lung function. It can help lower anxiety and prevent depression, too. Working out also releases endorphins, our bodies’ stress-fighters, leaving us feeling at ease, research suggests. In other words, working out can actually feel good—and even be fun.

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